Aiding students to and from their educational institutions

With the help of a carpooling solution

About StudentPool

The idea of StudentPool came about due to the following:

  • To aid students travel expenses
  • To reduce C02 emission of privately owned vehicles
  • To reduce traffic congestion
  • To give students in rural areas another means of commuting

StudentPool was created by Nathan Calnan (Student no. C00192937)

Business Ethical Final Report

Business Aspect

Multiple online resources were investigated to find a means of generating revenue for StudentPool. In conclusion, two technologies were chosen which are Google AdSense and PayPal

Google AdSense

Revenue is generated by advertising which is placed throughout the website application and the ads are generated by Google AdSense


Revenue is generated by charging a one time fee of €2 to users to avail of StudentPool and is supported by PayPal

Ethical Aspect

StudentPools objective is to mainly help students in their college/university lifetime while also helping the environment.

Reduce C02 Emissions

StudentPool will reduce the number of vehicles on the road which in turn reduces C02 production

Aid students travel expenses

If students avail of this service they can greatly reduce their cost on fuel by sharing the cost