Institute of Technology Carlow
Software Development
Final Year Project

TEAM: Student Chi Ieong Ng | Supervisor Hisain Elshaafi

Driving Companion App

The project is to develop a mobile phone app to track the speed,
acceleration and deceleration during the user's driving journey,
then analyze the data and give a score, so that the driver can
understand all aspects of his driving skills and improve them.


Research Report

Outlines of the research conducted before to the start of this project.

Functional Specification

Describe the development specification of the project.

Design Manual

Outlines of the project's application structure and how it was developed.

Technical Manual

Documented source code.

Final Report

Report on the overall final project development.

Video Demo

The "Driving Companion App" Description

This project aims to improve the driving skills of all kinds of drivers, including beginners, experienced drivers, seniors, etc. To develop a simple-to-operate mobile phone application, obtain and analyze the driving data of the vehicle's speed, acceleration, and deceleration during monitoring driving. Scoring and reporting driving assessment enables drivers to understand their driving ability and driving faults. The Application will point out the location of driving errors and details to let users be vigilant and improve their driving skills. The app also provides other additional helpful functions, such as checking the driver's comprehensive ability, reviewing past driving records, encouraging drivers to challenge rankings, and selecting different scoring methods according to the driver's ability.



Name: Chi Ieong Ng (Chris)

Student ID: C00223421