IT Carlow Project Showcase: Games Development Year 4

Academic Year: 2020/2021

Student Name: Krystian Sarowski

Student Number: C00225629

Project Title: Procedural content creation for Rogue-like games

Contact Email:


The purpose of this project was to investigate various procedural generation algorithms in order to create a Rogue-like game.
The game was created using Unity and was written in C#. The other part of the project was to compare the Top-down and the Bottom-up
approaches which are used to generate the levels procedurally in order to highlight their strengths and weakness.
I have also implement my version of the marching squares algorithms in order to create a 3D mesh and I have implemented basic
AI that uses ray-casting to traverse the rooms and my own particle system to create visual aid for the demo game.
Below you can see sample maps that have been created in the game. On the Left is the level generated with Bottom-up approach and on the right is the level generate with Top-down.

The source code is available at the following link: GitHub

Below you can see the demo video of my project with the editor view:

More information about my project can be found on the attached poster below: