Built for the future, not the past

Ilo is a research project to develop an API server to facilitate end-to-end encrypted messages. It utilises RSA cryptography, paired with modern technologies in a unique enterprise Single-Sign-On inspired architecture.

Available where you are

Ilo simply requires a client to be capable of parsing JSON and maintaining a Web-Socket connection. This lightweight design enables scaling to various devices.

Laptop. Check.
Smartphone. Check.
Smart Fridge. Why not?

Technology does not have barriers, we don't create them.

Technology is hard; It shouldn't be

Intentionally fault-tolerant and horizontally-scalable where essential, technology should be capable of handling periodic failures. Python is used to outsource low-overhead tasks. Development time is precious; let us optimise for that.

Python by default, low-level when we must.

Faces behind Ilo

Ilo was created from the belief technology should nurture individuals; Our security shouldn't become our insecurity.

Picture of Lily

Lily O'Sullivan


4th Year Software Development student.

Picture of Paul

Paul Barry


Lecturer at the Institute of Technology Carlow.


  • Research Manual

  • Functional Specification

  • Project Report

  • Design Manual

  • Technical Manual