Creative Concept

Most video game platforms do not allow for gambling, while online casinos focus entirely on predatory casino games. Central Games Platforms combine the two together, with an emphasis on providing a safe space to gamble without compromising the gaming experience.

Cross Platform Design

Central Games Platform offers experiences on both the Windows and Android platforms. Cross platform games require a one time purchase to play on the same device. The entire application has been designed with a mobile first approach, so UI elements will fit on the page, no matter the screen size.


Central Games Platform has multiple revenue streams. All proceeds from casino games go directly to Central Games Platform, while video games offered on the platform by other developers will have a small cut taken from them, with potential to expand to other services in the future.


All data is automatically encrypted through the use of Azure's SQL database and is hidden behind various firewalls, and any outgoing traffic from the server is encrypted to further enhance the level of security. Sensitive data such as payment info is NEVER stored by Central Games Platform


Throughout the development of this project, various documents and manuals were created for the researching, planning, designing and technical aspects involved with Central Games Platform.

Research Document

This document contains all of the researching that took place both before and during the development of the project

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Functional Specification

This document was created to give an overview of how the system works, with the core functionality of the project being laid out in detail

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Design Manual

This document contains all of the design choices made before and during the development of the project

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Technical Manual

This document goes over the technical aspects of this project, going into detail about the thought process behind some complex operations int he project

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Final Report

This document was created after the development of the project concluded. It reflects back on the various successes, failures and learning outcomes achieved over the course of the development process

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This demo is intended to provide a high level overview of the features available on Central Games Platform.

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About Me

My name is Kyle Hennessy and this website has been developed to showcase my final year project for my Bachelours degree in Software Development. This website contains a GitHub repository containing all of the code developed for the project, a hosted public version of Central Games Platform to try out, and the various documents developed during the course of this project


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