Secure File Vault

Raspberry Pi File Storage


About Secure File Vault

Secure file Vault is an android application that allows a user to upload any file and then stored it securely on a separate database. The database which stores the encrypted files will be stored on a Raspberry Pi. When the user wants to view the files, they select the file and be given two options download or delete. At this stage, the file will be decrypted. When a user wants to register an account, it is done by using XAMP. The email and password are encrypted to the highest security standard. The application will also be secure against many common android Application vulnerabilities.

Meet The Members

My name is Jack Hootn Byrne. I am a Cybercrime and IT Security student. This website is for my final year project for my course. Below you will find information about my project and all of the documentation associated with it.


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