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Student Name:
Josh Hudziak
Email: Supervisor: Dr. Oisin Cawley Date: 30th April 2021
UAV & Computer Vision

UAV Navigation Through a Convolutional Neural Network

The Project is a proof of concept that aims to make predictions coming from a video stream on a Parrot Anafi drone. This prediction will help navigate the drone and feed instructions about how to maintain course on a given route.

Introduction to CNN model and a Flight Example

Created by: Josh Hudziak
About the Project The purpose of this project was to create an autonomous UAV. this UAV can navigate through roads, paths and tracks. This technology is becoming more prevalent with the emerging UAV technologies around the world. Autonomous UAVs have use cases in search and rescue, medication delivery, military surveillance as well as surveillance in the construction sector. This autonomous navigation is possible thanks to cutting edge research in deep learning and technologies such as Tensorflow and the Parrot SDK.