Project Overview

For my 4th Year Project, I created a React application using Firebase and NodeJS to allow a user to book an appointment with their vet from anywhere and at any time of day, as well as have the freedom to modify their details and if necessary, cancel their appointment.

This application is called PetSpace.

PetSpace would also allow for vets to securely log into the system, view and manage their appointments as well as create reports regarding the health of an individual pet. This report can later be modified.

Our Team

Emma O'Connor

Emma O'Connor

Software Development Student

Current final year student in Software
Development at Institute of Technology Carlow.

Paul Barry

Mr. Paul Barry

Project Supervisor

Mr Paul Barry was my supervisor for the project.

PetSpace is an online platform that offers a range of veterinary services such as:

  1. Pet Grooming
  2. Checkups and Follow-up Checkups
  3. Teeth Cleaning
  4. Neutering/Spaying
  5. Injections and Boosters
  6. and Emergency Appointments

Customers can book appointments online for and have complete control over their bookings. PetSpace's appointment management system allows users to update their appointment details, such as the appointment time or service requested, and even cancel appointments if their plans change. This gives customers complete control over their bookings and ensures that their pet's needs are always met.

Furthermore, when a customer books an appointment on PetSpace, they will receive an email confirmation with all of the relevant details about their appointment, including the date, time, and service requested. This confirmation ensures that customers have all the necessary information about their booking and can make any necessary preparations before the appointment.


Below are the Technologies used for PetSpace along with a brief description of what they are.