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Year IV

Magical Weapon Warfare(RPG combination game)

[Ben Stynes]



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1. Background and motivation

Throughout the years many RPGs dropped the strategy and tactics in turn-based games and changed to action-based gameplay or streamlined combat to be easy,. Nowadays when you hear RPG you likely would go to Skyrim the first-person action-adventure game or Fallout the shooter, action-adventure game,. RPGs have gone more for an action focus even Final Fantasy the one that got RPGs off the ground in its latest release abandoned the turn-based gameplay and went full on action,. Turn based games are being held up by only a few big names now , e.g., Dragon Quest, Pokémon and Persona/SMT.

2. Research Questions

I will create an RPG that combines elements of sub-genres of RPGs. RPG stands for Role Playing Game; T-RPG stands for Tactical Role-Playing Game; S-RPG stands for Strategy Role Playing game and ATB stands for Active Time Battle.

The goal of this project is to find out if a game that combines these three sub-genres would create a unique and enjoyable and understandable game,. RPGs instead of going back and combining what made RPGs unique at the time have instead progressed specifically down a certain direction,. tThey have become more action orientated, abandoning the traditional RPG aspects, and going for faster paced gameplay with less strategy and more skill-based gameplay.

The research as stated is to see if a combination of these sub-genres would work,. Would it give a unique and playable experience or would the combination of these sub-genres result in a jumbled mess of a game that is just terrible with its mechanics.

The objectives are to make a game that combines all these elements. It will include turn-based gameplay with chess style movement for characters and a battle that is not fully turn based yet still requires strategy.

The is set in a war-torn fantasy land with magic being exploited,. The player is thrust into the conflict and is given mission after mission to help the war effort ranging from assaulting an outpost and taking it over to fighting on the front line.

The way the game plays is the player selects the stage; the map loads up its tile-based movement. tThe player character depending on class have different movement spaces, the same with the attack range. For now, they are a sword user say, they move four spaces, and an enemy is in front of them they select the attack option, what follows is a battle.

In the battle the player sees two gauges the enemy gauge and their own gauge when it fills up, they can attack, depending on what action they do, it lowers the gauge by an amount, and they must wait till the action is done plus the wait time. The gauge has three sections wait which is the longest, execute which varies depending on the action and turn which is what allows the player to select what to do. While this is happening, let us say the player is weak to electricity. While the player is selecting their turn action the enemy has selected them for an electric based attack,. As the player is waiting for their attack to execute the enemy hits them it does a lot of damage and since they are weak to it, their wait bar goes down. Similarly, if the player hits the enemy with a weakness their wait bar goes down as well.

The Project hopes to find out whether or not the combination of sub-genres leads to a playable comprehensive user experience.

3. Experiments

T-RPGs feature chess like gameplay. You are given a map and tiles, each character has their own unique move speed and stats, each character has a class that effects their stats and abilities,. Traditionally the combat in T-RPGs is done in phases:, player phase and enemy phase. These are turns like chess, but if you could move more than one piece and plan an attack. Once the attack is planned you select execute and it simply triggers an animation and deals the damage. There is no traditional RPG combat of turn based selecting moves.

S-RPGs are like traditional turn-based RPGs, but with more of an emphasis on exploiting weakness,. For example, if there is an ice type enemy, and you use a fire attack then it rewards you with an extra turn and more damage done to the enemy.

ATB, while not technically a sub-genre, does deserve to be considered a genre. iIt did change the course of RPGs over the years. ATB is a style of combat in RPGs that meshes turn based traditional combat with action combat. While you are selecting an attack and a target you can be attacked,; the same goes for the enemy. It means before the enemy even gets an attack off it could be killed and same with the player.

4. Results

5. Conclusions

6.Future work



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