Risk Assessment Tool

Based on FAIR and NIST Frameworks

About the Project

My name is Eimhin Lane, I am a Final Year Cybercrime and I.T Security student at IT Carlow. My final year project is that of a Quantitative Risk Assessment Tool. This tool is intended to ask a variety of questions and, based on the users answers, provide an example of what attack they are at most risk of experiencing within a year timeframe. This website is intended to be a point of access for all documentation on the project that has been created over the past year.

The core idea of the tool is to provide a means for organisations to actively assess their security needs through a simple, yet effective, questionairre style program which will determine your greatest threat. Simplifying the otherwise difficult process of manually checking your workplace methods and technologies into an approachable and short question list.

Special Thanks to my project supervisor

Paul Barry Msc and
the IT Carlow Cyber Year 4 Lecturers

For their continous help and support throughout the year.

Research Report

Functional Specifications

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Final Report

Risk Assessment Tool

Quantitative Risk Assessment Tool: Developed by Eimhin Lane
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