Progress so far

So far the user has the ability to easily create / modify objects. They can also name the objects that they create along with saving them to a json file. You can also load any levels that you do have simply by pressing load and navigating to the file.

Each shape that gets created can be created with it's own unique responses to collisions. You can make objects triggers (they won't collide with other objects), you can make them static (they won't move).

Background & Motivation

I always love software that makes the experience of making a game easier for the developer.
A lot of area's of game creation is monotonus like screens, UI, and creating levels. That's why so many developers will just use libraries for these as creating them is so tedious.
That's why I aim to make a level creator that will easily allow you to create / test levels that you would like to use inside your game and then allow you to export that level from my editor and simply import it into your game.

Research Questions

What's the best physics library?

For this I decided to go with Box2D as it is a very well known and very well put together physics library.

What UI library to use?

This required a lot more planning and research, in the end I decided to use TGUI.