Blockchain mining game

Head down into the caves and mines below, fight enemies and harvest tokens you come across but make sure not to go down too deep cause you lose what you gather.

This game is a crypto based exploration and mining game with different enemies, weapons and upgrades for each weapon. The deeper you go the harder it gets with different and more enemies but also more tokens too collect but whenever you die you lose all your harvested tokens and one level of all your upgrades. The game is built in the Godot Game Engine.

GitHub Project Link: https://github.com/SzymonPiskorz/FYP

Background and Motivation

Godot Game Engine

As I have used this game engine a couple of times and slightly learned a bit of it in the past, and a friend of mine kept recommending and telling me to try and start using it a lot more and as its growing more in popularity. I decided to use this game engine over Unity in order to learn another game engine and its own scripting language GDScript which is a dynamically typed and a high-level programming language and based on Python.

Blockchain Technology in Games

My interest in Blockchain grew over the pandemic as cryptocurrencies became more popular and I tried trading a few myself and looking into different cryptocurrencies that's when I came across and found blockchain/crypto games. I tried a few of them but the games weren't fun to play after the first few minutes as at that point everything would be just a rinse and repeat of stuff just to earn tokens and by extension money from selling tokens. So I decided to try and make a fun game with other game mechanics where the earning of cryptos would be a byproduct of playing a fun and enjoyable game.

Research Questions

How blockchain can be used as a game mechanic?

I want to look into and investigate the use of Blockchain as a game mechanic that will improve the game experience and not focus on this mechanic only.

As the way this game mechanic is currently implemented in crypto and blockchain games is pretty much only focused on earning money and not really focused on user experience and enjoyment.

Work Done

Demo Video:

GitHub Project Link: https://github.com/SzymonPiskorz/FYP


What is a blockchain game?

Blockchain use’s in games.

Blockchain technology as a game mechanic.