Secure File Vault
and personal VPN

This project has been created as a part of obtaining a Cybercrime degree at ITcarlow.


Being a cybersecurity student i focused the project to be as secure as possible.


The need for reliability with my application is key


Responsiveness is a very important aspect to provide great usability


About the project

So, This project is based on a device called the Raspberry PI.This device will serve as a server machine that will store our files remotely. It will also act like a personal VPN it will allow us to connect to our home network via a domain. the use of the functions is very simple. From a user point of view all he will need to do is access a domain such as and download a config file onto their phone and load it through the vpn settings on the phone and the traffic will be routed. For the Hosting part of the application is very similar it will be accessed through a website called and there you login and access the files you had previously stored or upload new files.

Project Documentation

Here you can view all the neccessary documents for my project.

About Me

My name is Daniel Wasilewski and i am 23 years old.I am a Cybercrime and IT Security student. This website is for my final year project for my course. above you will find information about my project and all of the documentation associated with it.