Andrew greenslade's

Cavebound Showcase


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Technology's used


Game engine

Easy to learn

Great for rapid production

Great community


Programming language in Unity

Advanced features e.g. Linq

Fast compiliation time with Visual studio and Unity

Fish-Net: Networking Evolved

Great features like force disconnecting if it suspects data manipulation

Easy to programme around


Great discord community

What is the project

The game I am creating is a multiplayer online mining PVPVE game that is integrated with blockchain technologies and specifically an ecosystem and SDK provided by Enjin.

I decided to create this game because I have a keen interest in blockchain technology including crypto-currencies and NFT’s,
and it is somewhere that I haven’t explored in terms of integrating a game into these two technologies,
so therefore I would learn a vast amount of invaluable knowledge from this project

A little narrative

Here is some background story about the game, enjoy reading!

The game, Cavebound is set in a different universe in the year 2042, where big corporations hire miners to drain a planets resource’s (ores) for money. Your goal is to mine the most ores in a set amount of time and store them in your mining ship. You can also choose to allow others to do this and steal their resources by eliminating them.

Features of the game

Destructable Terrain/Mining Ores

Using perlin noise i have randomly generated the terrain, and its ores to allow for more variaty in custmization to the developer, so they can specify rarity and allow for diffrent patterns in the generation phase

Custom A-star implimentation

The custom a-star implimentation allows for the destructible terrain to update the ai's playspace, so the more the player destroys terrain, the more the Ai can move more freely

The Ai also hunts the players when they get too close and will start firing at them when within range