An Outlook Add-In designed for Phish Detection and Guidance

Header Information

Header Information is examined and is presented back to the client in an user-friendly way. Shows potential flaws also.


URLs are extracted one by one and are sent to a seperate web app to be scanned by 3 seperate API URL Scanners.


Attachments will be dragged and dropped by users and the scanned by an File API Scanner and the results will be shown.


Tips and tricks will be shown to the client in an user-friendly way, showing common techniques used by attackers.


This Outlook Add-In is designed to make phish detection easier, it provides analysis on Header Information, URLs and Attachments

Below shows what will be analysed by the tool

  • Header Information
  • URLs
  • Attachments

The user can also avail of the Phish Guidance tool, this will provide tips and tricks to help prevent the user from falling for attacks in the future. This tool can also be used in tandem with the potentially malicious email, as the tool can be opened alongside emails, the user can click through each tip and trick and see if there are any obvious indications that the email is malicious or is safe


Below are the documents and videos completed throughout the project phase. Click on each for the whole document.

Research Document

Research for similar tools, different languages I could use, platforms and web apps.

Functional Specification

Specification of tools, languages, platforms, services and web apps I will be using throughout the whole project.

User Manual

Documentation on how to use the tool and all the different parts involved.

User Manual Video

If you would rather watch a video instead of reading a document, click the link.

Download the Tool

Click to open a link to GitHub where you can download the tool.

Final Report

Final Report involving the successes and failures of the project.


If you have any questions about the project or any questions in general please get in contact!


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