Business Email Compromise Course

Educating email users on how to identify fraudulent emails and stay one step ahead of scammers and cyber criminals.

Research Document

This document records the research undertaken into the topic of Business Email Compromise (BEC) in preparation for developing electronic teaching materials to educate users on the subject.

Functional Specification

This document outlines my original specification and design, it also contains the project plan.

Final Report

The purpose of this document is to discuss the development and implementation of this final year project and demonstates what I learned throughout the year.


The purpose of this project was to develop a collection of electronic teaching materials which can be used to educate emails users on BEC (business email compromise), concentrating on how to identify a compromised email, as well as strategies for dealing with same. The course is graded to determine how well the content is understood by the user and has a duration of approximatley one hour. The course was implemented using the open-source learning management system ‘Moodle’.

Sample screenshot of the project, from 'Module 3: What is Spoofing?':

Contact Me

Hi, my name is Ben Nagle.

I'm currently a fourth year student studying Cybercrime and IT Security Student in SETU Carlow. If you'd like to get in touch, my email and Linkedin profile are linked below.