Adam Mcguigan

After Dusk - VR Survival Project



A VR Survival game made with Unity.
The player has found themselves stuck in a treacherous Wasteland where they must find and repair a vehicle all while ruthless enemies are roaming the area. The player must scavenge for various resources such as consumables, ammo and vehicle parts. As they explore the player will come across various enemies which will attack the player. The player must use their wits and whatever weapons they can find to defend themselves against these enemies to stay alive and escape!




Background Info

I chose this project as I found VR games to be so much more entertaining and immersive than the regular survival type games out there, as a result I wanted to try and challenge myself with something brand new that I never touched before.
I wanted to try my best and implement various features ranging from Behaviour Trees to make more 'smart' AI and Random world Generation to make every playthrough different from the last.
I hope you find my project to be interesting and engaging !

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