Motivation and Background

Art and 3D Modeling

I have a background in art, and always enjoyed creating visually.With that in mind I almost felt that I was focusing too much on art alone, and wanted to combine my love of art with my not so much love of code. I wanted to show that I can do more than just art.I recently started learning how to 3D model and apply animations to those 3D models, and although I am not as advanced as I wish to be I felt eager to learn more.

Work Process
And Technologies

Starting off, I decided to focus completely on code and researching ways I can implement 3D models into webpages.I came across WebGL and Three.js, and after watching extensive tutorials,decided to give it a go.

Once I had a basis for code I took a cube applied a minecraft texture to it, and started testing how to implement those 3D models with textures and animations using different file export types like fbx and glft. I tested to see how my code affected the models and how exporting the files the 'right' way was super important.But finding the right way was trickier than expected.

When I figured out what worked and what didn't I started modeling my actual models using Maya ,as this was the tool we were learning.I then imported the model into Adobe Substance Painter and created textures.After this step I imported the model into blender, applied texture and animation and exported it as fbx. Eventually I added all my models to my build and hosted it via github.

Throughout this process I used Technologies that include: Html5, Javascript, Blender, Maya, PWA, WebGL, Three.js.

My Project includes the following

keep an eye on this


This Project took a lot of coding, and although it took a lot of problem solving, it works!

3D Modeling

This Project was a learning curve with relation to 3D modeling, Learning the different tools was super interesting!

Art Showcase

To add to this Project I wanted to give myself the oppertunity to showcase my artistic potential, reach the air platform and you'll see!

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