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A user-friendly platform for automated coding exam challenges and correcting

About CodeHub

CodeHub is a user-friendly platform that aims to provide a platform for automated coding exam correcting. With CodeHub, you can log in and register an account and take various coding exams and where you can compile and send to be automatically compared to a sample output, where the user will be given a score back based on similarity; enhancing the quality of coding assessments and promote effective learning and evaluation.

Getting started

This website is crafted with a specific audience in mind, aiming to serve individuals who seek to develop their coding skills with a variety of languages. The following groups will find our platform particularly beneficial:

  • Students and Learners: Coding Bootcamp students, programmers and learners looking to improve their coding skills can use CodeHub to practise, submit their code for evaluation and receive feedback on their coding work.
  • Self-Learners: Individual developers and coding enthusiasts can use CodeHub for self-assessment practice and skill enhancement it's a convenient tool for those who wish to refine their coding abilities.
  • Technical Recruiters and Employers: Technical recruiters and employers seeking to evaluate the code and abilities of job applicants can rely on CodeHub to effectively assess coding skills during technical interviews it streamlines the tactical hiring process and provides A structured approach for evaluating candidates.

Overall CodeHub’s broad appeal stems from its user-friendly interface efficient code comparison and detailed feedback capabilities it empowers users to enhance their coding skills streamline assessments and harness the benefits of technology for code and evaluations making it an invaluable tool for a diverse range of users


Access the comprehensive documents that detail every aspect of my project.

Functional Specification

Outlines the functional and non-functional requirements.


Design Manual

Provides an overview of the internal design of the project.


User Manual

Explore step-by-step guides, troubleshooting tips, and FAQs to enhance your understanding of the project.


Project Report

A comprehensive report detailing the project's objectives, development process, outcomes, and insights gained throughout its lifecycle


Our Team

This project was built and supervised by Sam Cullen and Supervisor Dr. Joseph Kehoe.

Sam Cullen

Software Developer

Joseph Kehoe

Supervisor SETU Carlow

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