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Security Testing Tool

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) ensure the security of cloud infrastructures deployed using this method. This project focuses on developing a static security testing tool aimed at identifying and categorizing insecure patterns, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations in IaC templates. By providing developers with insights into security issues early in the development process, the tool aims to facilitate the mitigation of risks before deploying new infrastructures..


Following are the technologies used to develope the Tool for Security Testing:

  • Python:(YAML,tkinter, Boto3, Logging )
  • AWS:(S3 Bucket, Cloud Formation, Lambda)
  • VPC:(Virtual Private Cloud)
  • EC2:(Elastic Cluster 2)
  • Ci/CD:(Continious Integration/Delivery With Github)

The Security Testing Tool is built on a robust technological stack, leveraging Python and various AWS services. Python serves as the backbone of the tool, utilizing libraries such as YAML for configuration parsing, tkinter for building the graphical user interface, Boto3 for interacting with AWS services programmatically, and Logging for effective error handling and debugging. AWS plays a pivotal role, with services like S3 Bucket for storage, CloudFormation for infrastructure provisioning and management, and Lambda for serverless computing. Additionally, VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) ensures secure isolation of resources, while EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) provides scalable computing capacity. The integration of CI/CD pipelines with GitHub enables seamless automation of testing and deployment processes, ensuring rapid and reliable delivery of updates and enhancements to the tool.


Hey there! I'm Syed Zarrar Shah, currently in my final year as a Bachelor's student at SETU. I'm passionate about Cyber Crime and IT Securities and have been honing my skills at South East Technological University. Looking forward to diving deeper and making meaningful contributions to the world around me!


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