What is the Tool?

So you may be wondering, What is the IMT?, Well,

The Incident Monitoring Tool is an aplication that presents its users with a little of recently reported cyber attacks that're reported in the form of RSS Feeds from trusted sources of information. Using this information it retreives effective mitigations and associoated MITRE TTID's using OpenAi and presentes these results to the user in a user-friendly way

The Details

Key Components

Below are they key components of the IMT and what they bring to its functionality


As skeptical as it sounds, with the right query and testing. OpenAi provides the tool with the information needed to mitigate a reported attack


Incorporated with OpenAi, MITRE provides its user with effective mitigation techniques through its navigator layer


A suitable application to create the IMT and be able to handle the information being received and delivered


The main programming language used to develop the tool and handle the functions used to send and receive information

RSS Feeds

These are used to gather recently reported cyber attacks & incidents which're reported in the form of RSS Feeds

Severity Score

This is a score given by the tool which rates the sevrity of the reported incident

My Work

Research Document

This contains the research behind the design and implementation of the IMT.

Github Repository

This is my github repo that holds the IMT code and project documents

Final Report

My Final Report provides a combination of research & development which created the IMT.