Project Introduction

For my fourth-year final project, I developed an automated helpdesk ticketing system. This application streamlines the ticket categorisation process, relieving users of the burden of manual categorisation.

Benefits of the Automated Helpdesk Ticketing System

What The Ticket Creation Process Looks Like

Ticket Creation Example

When users create a ticket, they are prompted to provide a brief description of their issue that includes subject title, priority level, and description (no category/queue selection needed). The system then analyzes the text and assigns the ticket to the appropriate category. For example, if a user submits a ticket with the subject title "I can't access my account as it expired", the system will automatically categorise the ticket as an account expired issue.

For more information about how this process works, please see the Technologies section.

Technologies Used

For this project I used the following technologies:


I used Angular to create the dashboard interface, which facilitates ticket creation, allows users to view their own submitted tickets, and displays tickets assigned to them.


I used C# to create the API that the Angular front end communicates with to create, get, update, and resolve tickets.


I used UiPath to develop the automation process that categorises and routes tickets to the correct personnel. I created two bots: one for categorising tickets and one for routing them.

How it's done:

About Me

My name is Sarah Martin, and I am a fourth-year student at SETU Carlow. I am studying Software Development and have a passion for developing applications aimed at enhancing user experiences. I am excited to share my final year project with you and hope you find it informative and engaging.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about my project, please feel free to reach out to me at:


Here is some of the technologies/languages I have learned throughout my time in university:

Project Documents

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Research Poster

Project research poster