Escape from Rosewood Hotel

4th Year Project by Áine Cleary

Game Description

Embark on a mysterious adventure in this immersive point-and-click escape game! ... Can you escape the shadows and uncover the secrets that lie within?

Tools Used



Dynamic gameplay and interactivity are powered by JavaScript, the scripting language of the Web.


Krita's digital painting capabilities bring the game's art and textures to life.


Designing immersive game interfaces using Figma in order to get the precision and accuracy for user satisfation.


In the depths of a mist-enshrouded forest lies the Rosewood Hotel, a once-opulent sanctuary now tainted by a dark history. Closed in the early 1930s following a series of inexplicable tragedies and unsolved deaths, its downfall began with the mysterious vanishing of Emily Knottingham, a young girl whose spirit lingers in its derelict corridors.

Haunted by her untimely demise at the hands of a deceitful staff member, Emily's presence in the hotel has become a vengeful force, unsettling the long-abandoned abode. When an unwitting traveler stumbles upon the hotel, they are ensnared by Emily's ghost, locked away in her old room among other restless spirits.

The adventure begins as you awaken in the decrepit hotel, piecing together Emily’s sorrowful tale through forgotten belongings and eerie sightings. Unraveling the truth behind the hauntings, you must help Emily find peace to reclaim your freedom from the ghostly grip of the Rosewood Hotel. The journey is perilous, the secrets are many, and the fate of your escape hangs in the balance as you explore the silent echoes of the once-vibrant halls.


Start Screen of the Game

The Start Screen of the game, depicting the hotel and the surrounding area.

Bedroom Scene

The Bedroom Scene where the player first wakes up and starts their adventure.

Hallway Scene

The Hallway Scene where the player may be able to enter other rooms and floors.