OEM RE Tool with the Aid of Brute Force

Reverse Engineering an Automotive OEM Protocol over a CAN Bus

This project was created to allow a user to reverse engineer a car's dashboard with the aid of a brute force attack through the car's CAN Bus.

About Us

My name is Gary Morrissey

I am a 4th Year Cybercrime and IT Security student in SETU Carlow

The aim behind this project was to show the vulnerability in a vehicles OEM protocol and Reverse Engineer it with the aid of a brute force attack.

This website was created to present my project's documentation, such as the research paper and final report, as well as a way to get in contact with the creator.


Below you will find all documentation related to the process of this project. As you read the different documents, you will see how I changed my approach and developed my understanding of the CAN Bus.

These documents contaion all relevant information on the technologies used and how the varioes systems interact in order to implement the application.

Project Specifications

This file contains the original specifications I intended for this project.

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Research Document

This document was created during the research phase of my project, detailing the different tools and hardware I intended to use.

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Project Report

This document is my final report, containing changes to the project plan, instructions, and capabilities of the final product.

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Project Poster

Here is a poster describing the project's function and objective.

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Contact Information

If you'd like to get in touch, please don't hesitate to reach out:

Phone: 089 223 2907

Email: garym11@outlook.com

Gary Morrissey