About Me

My name is Jake McDonnell and I am a Fourth and Final Year student studying Software Development at the South East Technological University (SETU). Over the course of the past four years of my studies, I have learned a great deal about computing, web design and data science. Topics of which I am familiar with are:

For my Final Year Project, I have taken what I have leanred over these past few years and applied it to creating a Web Application that has the aim of taking in a Point A and B, as well as a chosen attraction, and plotting the Scenic Route to the destination, where any chosen attraction(s) are taken into account and made part of the journey.

Technologies Used

To achive this functionality, OpenStreetMaps was used for the map itself, while the backend functionality of the mapping wsa handled by MapBox. To store the necessary geographic information, OverPassTurbo was used to generate GeoJSONs for towns in Ireland as well as Attractions in Ireland retrospectively. The original plan was to use Google Maps API for the project, however this had to be scrapped due to the costs asscoicated with using it.

On top of these technologies the following programming languages were used:


If you are interested in the design process over the course of the duration of the project's deveopment, you can find the relevant documents here in the "Documentation" section of the page: Documentation

Project in Action

The project can be found here hosted on PythonAnywhere: The Mapplication

The Team

People involved in Development of the Project:

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