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Highly skilled software developer with 4 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing software applications. Proficient in Java, C++, Python, Java Swing, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Arduino, EASY68K, and SQL.

Project Overview

For my 4th Year Project, I created a web application that aims to address the issue of underrepresentation in computing programs by analyzing the language used in course descriptions. Inspired by recent research linking course description language to student demographics, the project delves into uncovering hidden biases that may influence enrollment decisions. By using natural language processing (NLP) techniques and tools like NLTK and OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo, the application examines textual data extracted from various sources, including third-level institutional websites.

This application is called Diversity in Computing.

Through a robust architecture that includes PostgreSQL for database management, Flask for web development, Scrapy for web scraping, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript for frontend development, the project aims to provide insights into diversity in computing education. Users interact with the application through a user-friendly interface, where they can select or enter course descriptions for analysis. The analysis results offer recommendations for modifying descriptions to promote diversity and inclusivity, fostering a more inclusive computing community.

Technologies Used



Functional Specification

This document contains the functional and non-functional requirements of the Diversity in Computing Project.

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Research Poster

This research poster outlines key findings and highlights of the Diversity in Computing Project

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Design Document

This document contains information about the design aspects of the Diversity in Computing Project.

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Final Report

This is the final report that covers the entire project journey of Diversity in Computing.

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The Team

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Daniel Giedraitis

Software Development Student

Final Year Student at South East Technological University (SETU).

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Dr. Christopher Staff

Project Supervisor

South East Technological University (SETU) Lecturer and Project Supervisor.

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