A Bullet Hell History-Themed Game

Battle Through Time


HTML logo

HTML based game, you can play on any desktop browser

With some CSS to style the site

Screenshot of some of the HTML made for the game


HTML logo

Programmed entirly in Javascript

With some JQuery for loading scripts

Screenshot of some of the Javascript made for the game

Clip Studio Paint Pro

HTML logo

All art assets created in Clip Studio Paint Pro

Drawn with a Wacom Intuos Tablet

Screenshot of Clip studio, with the player asset


You are a scientist in the distant future, trying to go back in time to save Earth from destroying itself. After finding the needed crystal to achieve time travel, you place it into the frame of the portal.

However the crystal was heavily cracked in the process of transporting it, causing the machine to malfunction in the process, sending you to the past to an unknown time. Now you must battle your way through many different eras, to find the stray portal, and make it back to your own time.

And hopefully the next attempt at time travel, will be more successful. And let's hope you didn't change the course of history...

Screenshots from the game

Screenshot of the intro sequence of the game

The game has a fun intro animation that tells the story of how the player managed to get in the past. This was acheived with animation in Javascript!

Screenshot of the gameplay

The game is a bullet hell game, where the player must shoot at enemies, while they shoot back at the player, dodging is vital!

Screenshot of a different level

The game has 3 playable levels! All with their own enemies, bullets, and enviroments!

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