This section includes all documents created during the development of CipherCraft, including the specification, research, and final report.

Research Document

This document outlines the various areas researched prior to the development of CipherCraft. The insights gained from the research helped guide the design and development of CipherCraft.

View Research Document (PDF)

Functional Specification Document

This document contains the original design, specification, and project plan.

View Specification Document (PDF)

Final Report

This document contains the final report on CipherCraft, summarizing the project's outcomes and insights gained during development.

View Final Report (PDF)

About CipherCraft

CipherCraft is a web-based application designed to educate users on the fundamentals of cryptography. The platform aims to provide an engaging learning experience by offering multiple learning styles, starting with early cryptographic techniques such as the Caesar cipher and progressing to topics like key management. The course includes quizzes to assess users' ensuring they understand the content before moving on to the next module, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

CipherCraft offers a mix of learning styles, including visual aids, text-to-speech, and interactive components. Regardless of your preferred learning style, CipherCraft does it's best to accommodate you.

CipherCraft, Module 1, Topic 4 - Rail Fence


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