Spell Slinger

A multiplayer augmented reality geolocation android game

About Our Project

Spell Slinger is a multiplayer augmented reality geolocation mobile game. The game uses android's geolocation services to track the player's location in the real world and reward them with skill points for the distance travelled. Kotlin was the primary programming language used in the frontend, while python and a little javascript handle the backend. Players may spend their skill points to draw spells from spell wells. These spells are then consumed by players in battle against creatures or other players. Location-based multiplayer is handled by incorporating bluetooth as a method of detecting and challenging other players.



Explore Image

Players gain Skill Points (SP) by traveling to Spell Wells located at real-world locations.


Extract Image

A player may draw spells from a well by spending their earned skill points.


Battle Image

Spells are spent in battle against creatures or other players.


Battle Image

Reality can be augmented for creature battles

Technologies Used


Kotlin is a modern programming language used for Android app development, known for its concise syntax and powerful features.

Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is a modern UI toolkit for building native Android UIs, offering a declarative approach to UI development.


Firebase is a platform provided by Google for building mobile and web applications, offering various services such as authentication, real-time database, and cloud messaging.

Google Maps for Compose

Google Maps for Compose is a library for integrating Google Maps into Jetpack Compose-based Android applications, enabling the display of interactive maps and location-based services.


SceneView is a component provided by Android for rendering 3D scenes and models, allowing for immersive augmented reality experiences.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances, commonly used for connecting devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.


Functional Specification

Design Document

Project Report

Our Team

Team Member 1

David Darigan

Project Developer

Team Member 2

Dr.Joseph Kehoe

Project Supervisor