Unified Vulnerability Scanning Engine and Management System

Andrew Gilbey | C00263656


This project was developed for my final year project in my cybersecurity level 8 course at SETU Carlow.

Automated Scanning Engine

  • The Unified Vulnerability Scanning Engine automates the scanning of network and web application scans using open-source tools: Nmap, OpenVAS, and ZAP.
  • It can identify vulnerabilities and then create a master report of all tool scan results.

Management System

  • The Management System features four role-specific dashboards tailored for Penetration Testers, Engineers, Analysts, and System Administrators.
  • Each dashboard provides specialised interfaces and serves as a centralised hub for specific user actions.
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  • Research Document: This document outlines how the project would be developed and to provide insight into the rationale behind the project.

  • Project Spec: This document details the initial blueprint, specifications, and overall roadmap for the project

  • Final Documentation: The project outcome, the definitive record of what was achieved, how it releates to cybesecurity and learning points.

Links to Documentation

find_in_page Research Document checklist Project Specification

article Final Document
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The Code

  • Languages Used: Python is the primary language of the project and is used for the majority of core functionality. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used for the user interface.

  • Class Breakdown: The system is broken down into several different classes to organise the code, with each corresponding to a different functionality.

  • Flask: Flask was used as the web framework for the project. The application routes in Flask are structured to handle various endpoints and HTTP requests.

  • Link to the Code

    code Github link
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Contact Me

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Name Andrew Gilbey
Email C00263656@setu.ie