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We enhance the quality of a child's development by improving communication between childcare practitioners and parents.

About Project

The purpose of Creche Connect

The purpose of Creche Connect is twofold.

First, it will allow practitioners to add essential details like incident reports, observations, nappies, and meals while interacting with a child. That allows staff to update details when necessary to avoid missing important moments in a child's development.

Second, generated daily reports will allow parents/guardians to stay informed about their child 24/7.

The Creche Connect application focuses on tracking the child's progress from the day of registration to the last day in service and improving communication with parents/ guardians.

The intuitive and straightforward design makes the life of childcare practitioners easier so they can devote more time to the children in their care rather than trying to learn complex software.

A significant feature of the application is an option to export the child's progress details as a PDF so it can be kept and stored as a soft or hard copy. It will allow childcare centres to keep a child's file for as long as required.

The Creche Connect is multi-platform, meaning it works on a phone, tablet or desktop. They can make observations and add them to the application using their preferred tool.

Creche Connect has a built-in communication option which allows the exchange of messages between parents and childcare practitioners. The built-in communicator can attach pre-generated daily reviews based on the entries made by the childcare practitioner. These reports can then be forwarded to parents so they can keep an eye on their child's progress and reply to them if they have any further enquiries.


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