Smart parking app vs
tranditional car park
According to my survey, building a new larger parking lot and using smart
parking can solve the parking congestion problem well, but the time spent
on building a new larger parking lot is much higher than using smart APP
to solve the parking problem in a new larger parking lot. Second, building
smart parking application adopts a completely innovative way. Smart
parking application companies can use sensors in the parking lot,
Internet of things and data analysis and other technologies to collect
real-time data of the parking lot, such as whether the vehicle enters the
parking space, the company can provide corresponding personalized
services according to its specific data, such as users decide to pay
parking fees online, the APP can provide online payment services. But if
you create a larger parking lot, because it can't innovate a new business
model, it can only replicate the original toll model to operate, although it
can't change from being parking service centric to service centric. Finally,
while both solutions could change the current difficulty of parking in
cities and alleviate morning and evening traffic congestion, smart parking
apps are far more effective than building more parking lots and better
suited to customer needs.
I also have a prototype of a complete smart parking app, and I want to design a
simple smart parking app that includes features like user login, parking location
booking, and account creation. The prototype mobile application is being
developed using Android Studio.
IT programmar language :
•Under Android Studio, code written in Java implements various functions and
•In Android Studio, the XML language is often used to define the user interface of
an Android application.
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