Energy Insight Hub

The Energy Insight Hub is a comprehensive system designed to empower users with a convenient and insightful means of tracking their energy usage. The system employs a microcontroller to capture energy meter data at hourly intervals, and transmit the information to a remote server. The server processes the data using OCR technology, and stores it in a database. A web app interface allows the user to access and visualize their energy consumption conveniently.


Remote Meter Reader

The remote meter reader is a microcontroller that attaches to an energy meter and takes hourly pictures of the readings on the meter. It then transmits the image to a remote server to have the reading extracted from the image.

Image Processing

A python script that runs on the server listens for images to be transmitted. When an image is detected, it processes the image, extracts the reading, and stores it in a database.

Blazor Web App

The Blazor Web app features a live dashboard that displays the readings to the user so that they can see their energy usage live as it's reported by the Meter Reader.


Contact Information

Alex Paquette

Alex Paquette

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