An Analysis of Racial Profiling in the US using Propensity Score Matching Python, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, pandas, RStudio, R RMarkdown, logisitic regression, matchit, knitr Stephen McLoughlin
Short Term Disability Duration Prediction Python, Random forest, Neural Network, XGBoost Erik Prananta
An examination of the role of social characteristics in the prevalence of COVID-19 in Ireland. Python, R, sklearn, Artificial Neural Network, TensorFlow, linear regression (LR), least absolute shrinkage and selection operator(LASSO), support vector machine (SVM), and exponential smoothing (ES) will be investigated for their suitability. Elaine Koyce
A Study of Irish Consumer Confidence using Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data during the COVID-19 Pandemic Python Eduardo Medina
Applying Machine Learning to classify gene types in Bacteria using DNA sequences. Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-learn Anjuman Ara Kali
Cyberspace and global security Python, MySQL Ireneusz Korpusik
Assessing pre- and during-pandemic attitudes from social media data. Python, Rstudio Zahra Karami
Predictive Maintenance for Refrigeration Python, Scikit, Keras, Data Bricks, Dynamo DB James Troy
The impact Social Media has on Social Comparison and Envy in Adults Python, MySQL Martha Donnelly
Online retailer's transaction data visualization and monthly sales prediction by machine learning Python, Sklearn Xinyi Wu
Automatic classification of incoming insurance company emails Python, WEKA, Tensor Flow, Keras, Hadoop, Sckit-Learn, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j Alexander O'Connor
Examining Different Methods For Predicting Article Turnover in the Retail Industry Python, R, Automatic ML Svenja Drewanz
Effect on Air Quality of Lockdown in 2020 Python, R Paraic Comiskey
Black Friday sales prediction analysis using machine learning regression models Python, sklearn, tensorboard, tensorflow, termcolor, typed-ast, Werkzeug, wrapt, scipy, Web Technologies Reeba Babu
Machine Learning Approach for the Prediction of Air Quality Index Python Jacqueline Kennady
Can text analytics be used to gain meaningful insight from large volumes of free-form textual data? Python, NLP (Spacy), Databricks, R Brian McDonagh
2020 : Is Ireland no longer a Politically Classless Society? Python, R DJ Moore
Condition Based Predictive Maintenance System Python, NVIDIA RAPIDS , Tensorflow, Keras, MongoDB, Sklearn, GCP Rajas Bakshi