Green Quake is my final year project. Green Quake was built with the aim to help the environment which is an evergrowing concern as times move on. Green Quake aims to motivate people to be environmentally friendly and encourage them to perform eco friendly actions by making them fun through the use of gamification. Green Quake also provides usefull information and a tool to aid people in being environmentally friendly.

Tools & Technologies Used.

Below are listed the tools & techologies used to create the Green Quake application.

  • Xamarin Forms: Front End
  • C#: Front End & Back End
  • Firebase:Database, Storage and Authentication
  • Google Maps: Google Maps API
  • Visual Studio: Development IDE
  • GitHub: Git and GitHub for Backup
  • Nuget Packages: Variety of Nuget Packages
  • Android & iOS: Available

The Green Quake Applications was created usign aditional tools and technologies such as Photo editing software like Befunky for UI and UX design but the most important ones are listed above. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me.


During the development of this project I have beed guided by my supervisor. More about my supervisor can be found below.

Dr. Christophe Meudec has provided me with constant feedback and guidance during the development of the Green Quake Application.

Dr. Christophe Meudec

Project Supervisor

App Screenshots

In this section you preview some of the screens from the Green Quake Application.


Feel free to contacts me using any of my socials or by using any of the options below.


Athy, Co. Kildare