1、Studying abroad can broaden your eyes

Studying abroad can really shrink the world. Before you go abroad, you always feel that the world is so big that you can never see it all your life. But when you come out seriously, you will find that the world is not so vast as you imagine. It used to be that it only took a short time to get from one country to another.

2、Feel different education

Getting an education is at the heart of any study abroad, where you can experience a different, even subversive, approach to education.You'll have access to education you never thought you'd have before.

3、Feel the new culture

This is also the main attraction of studying abroad.When you study abroad, you will find incredible and dazzling new food, customs, traditions and social atmosphere, each country and each people's culture has its own fascinating place.In this atmosphere, you will find that you have a better understanding and appreciation for the people and history of each country.

​4、Improve your language skills

There is no better way to immerse students in a completely immersive learning atmosphere than studying abroad.In addition to being able to practice the language in daily life, our university also offers some language courses to provide students with a more formal education and immerse them in a new culture.

​5、Discover New Skills

Studying in different countries exposes you to many new activities and interests that you might never have discovered if you had stayed at home.You may discover that you have an undiscovered gift, something you have never tried before.


1、The language barrier

Even if the language score is very good, after going out, there will be some problems in listening to lectures and communicating, which is what every one of us who study abroad has experienced. There are great differences between English and Chinese, not only reflected in the words, but also in the use of each grammar. Chinese and English have different expressions and habits, and some of them are even opposite, which makes Chinese students feel very uncomfortable.

2、Life is not used to

Life's inadaptation will manifest itself in many ways.Climate, food, accommodation, and so on can make you feel uncomfortable and unnatural. Although one of the advantages of studying abroad is to experience different lifestyles and habits, the novelty cannot last forever, and there will always be times when people feel tired. And just come to a strange environment or need some time to adapt.

3、Feel lonely

When people first move to a new environment, you will often feel afraid, lonely and confused, which will aggravate the missing for your family, which will make you feel exhausted and stressful. Because of the huge differences in cultural understanding, people often question whether they are making the right choices, which can be frustrating.