A mobile application to help track migraines


Created for my final year project, the aim of migraineHub is to allow individuals who suffer from chronic migraines to record their migraines (type of migraine, pain scale, medications, triggers and symptoms).
APK available for download: APK Download

Tools & Technologies Used

  • Xamarin Forms
  • C#
  • Firebase Database
  • GitHub
  • Visual Studio IDE
  • OpenWeather API
  • OpenFoodFacts API
  • ZXing Library


Michelle Bolger

Software Development Student

Current final year student in Software Development at Institute of Technology Carlow.

Dr Chris Staff

Project Supervisor

Dr Chris Staff was my supervisor for the duration of the project. He provided me with helpful feedback and guidance throughout the year.


Here you can find all the project documentation

Research Document

This document contains the research carried out for the migraineHub project

Functional Specification

This document contains the functional and non-functional requirements of the migraineHub project

Design Document

This document contains information about the design aspects of the migraingeHub project

Project Report

This is the final report outlining the entire project

Technical Manual

This document contains the migraineHub code

Video Demo

Contact Information