Build Your Reading Habits with BookByte

Encouraging reading habits with tailored, manageable reading segments every day.

BookByte Documentation

Explore Bookbytes Research Poster, Functional Specification, Design Document, and Final Report to understand the journey and functionality of the app.

Research Poster

Check out the research poster for insights into BookByte's innovative approach to building reading habits.

Functional Specification

Check out the functional specification to discover the technical blueprint of BookByte including all Functional and Non-Functional requirements.

Design Document

Check out the design document for a detailed view of BookByte's architecture and technologies.

Final Report

Check out the final report to explore the challenges and learning outcomes of BookByte along with potential future improvements.


The Technology Used

Enhancing Reading Habits with BookByte

BookByte is a innovative Android application designed to transform how users interact with large reading materials. By implementing a chunked content delivery system, it breaks down texts into daily, manageable segments, making the reading experience more manageable and engaging.

  • Customizable content segmentation to suit individual reading speeds and levels.
  • Gamification elements to encourage daily reading and maintain engagement.
  • Progress tracking and reading streaks to monitor and motivate your reading journey.
  • Timely reminders through Androids notification system to help you stay on track with your reading goals.

By simplifying the reading process and adapting it to fit into daily routines, BookByte aims to improve continuous learning and personal growth. BookBytes goal is to make reading a habit that is as enjoyable as it is beneficial, helpinmg users to learn and grow every day.

Adaptive Reading with Dynamically Updated Segments

BookByte changes the way you read by adapting text segments to match your growing reading abilities. The Dynamic Segment algorithm ensures a tailored reading experience that grows with you.

The Dynamic Segment Adapter algorithm is designed to dynamically adjust the size of text segments based on a user's reading statistics. This feature means that as your reading speed increases or as you become more consistent with your habit, the size of the content chunks you receive will automatically increase, allowing for easy reading progression.

BookByte offers a collection of reading statistics to keep you motivated. Track your reading speed to see how quickly you are able to read through the content, view your fastest and slowest reading times to understand your performance, monitor your longest reading streaks to maintain motivation, and review the total number of segments you’ve completed to get your overall progress. These metrics can be a tool to help you improve your reading.

Expand Your Library with Personal Uploads or Curated Classics

Whether you're looking to dive into your personal collection or explore historical classics, BookByte provides the flexibility to choose your reading adventure.

  • Upload any book from your personal collection in PDF format and read it in manageable segments.
  • Access many classic books from the Project Gutenberg collection, all optimized for segmented reading.
  • Switch between personal uploads and classic literature to meet your reading mood and preferences.

By allowing you to upload your own books or choose from the extensive range of public domain classics, BookByte makes reading more accessible and personalized.

From personal favorites to undiscovered classics, BookByte brings a vast library right to your fingertips.


The Team Behind BookByte

Conor Brooke

Software Development Student

Jamal Tauseef

Project Supervisor