Taking the heat out of Covid-19

Data logging

Calibrated MLX90640 Thermal lens

Cost effective Solution

240-Minute Battery Life

Open Source

Taking the heat out of Covid safely!

Covicam was born out of concern for your safety

The camera that grows with you

Covicam can be specced to your current needs and budget, so as you pay only for what you need. We do not believe in the built-in obsolescence model therefore we have designed these to be fully upgradeable so as to expand with your needs.

Your safety is our priority

We were concerned about the safety of those using the current thermal scanners as they put the operator at risk due to close proximity usage

Free System Upgrade

All non commercially registered products will be provided free future updates. We believe in our product so we stand behind it. To demonstrate this we provide a 5 Year warranty on both Covicam and Mediacam.