Netwatch Object Recognition

By Benjamin Tremblay

Supervisor: Dr. Oisin Cawley

This project is sponsored by Netwatch, a leader in proactive video monitoring services that provide high levels of safety and security to their clients around the globe.


As my final year project, I built two demonstration platforms for the recognition of humans and vehicles within Netwatch's multi-image sequences. These two platforms were built with Blazor and Flask respectively, each using a different machine learning framework to implement the object detection.

Framework Report

Another aspect of my project involved providing a report for Netwatch, comparing and contrasting the machine learning frameworks that were used. The aim of this report is to provide insight on both the positive and negative aspects of each framework from a new user's perspective.

Technical Demo

In this video, I demonstrate the functionalities of both platforms that were built as part of my project.



Document outlining the functional and non-functional specifications of the project.


Document containing an overview of the internal design of the technical aspects of the project.


Document containing code listings with any additional technical guidance required.

Final Report

Document concluding and outlining the overall process of working on the project.