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About Bitesize

Bitesize is a mobile app marketed towards third-level students in Ireland with the hope to be scaled and used for students at all levels and ages.

Learning Techniques

LBitesize uses digital flashcards combined with well-researched and tested learning techniques such as spaced repetition, the Feynman technique and also Leitner systems.

Feynman technique

The Feynman technique is a study technique that was noted by an American theoretical psychist who was also a Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman. The main idea behind the technique is to take something hard to understand and try to clarify it in your mind by explaining it as if you were talking to a child.

Leitner systems

The Leitner system is essentially a spaced repetition exercise. It was introduced by a German man named Sebastian Leitner who was a scientific journalist

Spaced repeition

Spaced repetition is a method of reviewing material at systematic intervals. At the beginning of the learning process, the intervals are spaced closely together (for example, one hour; four hours; or one day). As the material is reviewed, the intervals become systematically longer (four days; one week; two weeks).


Business requirements

The business requirements for this project were greatly influenced by a survey given to SETU Carlow students enrolled in a highly conceptual-based module. Important information about the target audience's unique needs, difficulties, and preferences about studying conceptual material was gathered by asking them directly for feedback.The development of business requirements intended to directly address these difficulties was influenced by these findings. The questions and findings from survey are visible below.

survey survey survey survey survey survey

1. Integration of learning techniques
2. Customizable flashcards
3. Users Notifications
4. Progress tracking and analytics

Bitesize business plan

Free Plan

All competitors do offer a free plan with limited options. Adding a free plan to Bitesize is a calculated move that has many strong advantages. First off, by providing a free plan, Bitesize can draw in a larger user base that includes professionals, educators, and students who might not be ready to commit to a paid membership at first.

Paid Plan

Since Bitesze is a new entrant to the market, Bitesize’s pricing strategy, which charges a monthly fee of 5.99 euros and an annual fee of 29.99 euros, takes into account users' varying budgetary constraints and preferences. For users who would rather have short-term obligations or would like to test out the app before committing to a longer subscription, the monthly option offers flexibility. However, for those who plan to use the app frequently, the yearly option offers substantial cost savings, which effectively encourages users to choose the annual subscription

Competitors pricing Plan

Quizlet Basic : Free
Quizlet Plus: €17.99/year
Quizlet Teacher: €31.49/year

AnkiDroid (Android app): Free
AnkiMobile (iOS app): €21.99
AnkiWeb (Online synchronization service): Free for first 6 months, €21/year thereafter

Basic: Free
Pro: €8.99/month or €71.99/year
Pro+ IAP: €26.99/month or €215.99/year

Basic: Free
Pro: €6.99/month or €53.99/year