Worry less and Study more


About Bitesize

Bitesize is a mobile app marketed towards third-level students in Ireland with the hope to be scaled and used for students at all levels and ages.

Learning Techniques

Bitesize uses digital flashcards combined with well-researched and tested learning techniques such as spaced repetition, the Feynman technique and also Leitner systems.

Feynman technique

The Feynman technique is a study technique that was noted by an American theoretical psychist who was also a Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman. The main idea behind the technique is to take something hard to understand and try to clarify it in your mind by explaining it as if you were talking to a child.

Leitner systems

The Leitner system is essentially a spaced repetition exercise. It was introduced by a German man named Sebastian Leitner who was a scientific journalist

Spaced repeition

Spaced repetition is a method of reviewing material at systematic intervals. At the beginning of the learning process, the intervals are spaced closely together (for example, one hour; four hours; or one day). As the material is reviewed, the intervals become systematically longer (four days; one week; two weeks).

Created by

Patrick Bayo, April 9, 2024


What probelm does Bitesize solve ?

Bitesize was created as it became apparent that many students did not know how to study effectively. Bad study habits affect academic performance, college experience and even student mental health. A study by Jessica Bryant and Lyss Welding shows that “more than 9 in 10 students (99%) who face academic challenges say they affect their mental health” (Welding, 2024). Of course, there are several reasons why students may face challenges in their academic performance, mental health and also college experience. However bitesize aims to solve several problems with just one solution. Bitesize will act as a study tool assistant for students that will manage several of the cumbersome tasks that are involved in studying that many students forget about or lack the skill to do so effectively, such as prioritisation, scheduling and also self-testing.