Machine Learning RTS C#, Python, Unity, Tensorflow Leo Chen
No Code Game Editor - "Rogue: Meet your Maker" C++, SFML Patrick Donnelly
A comparison of Convolutional Neural Networks and Vision Transformers as AI model for playing a computer game TensorFlow, Gymnasium, Python, Linux Adrien Dudon
A webcam based game leveraging Tenserflows posenet Tensorflow, Python, Pygame Eoin Galavan
Cavebound (Crypto miner) C#, Unity, Fish-Net: Networking Evolved, Enjin Unity SDK Andrew Greenslade
A comparison between Dstar Lite against Various guided and non-guided pathfinding algorithms C++, SFML Donal Howe
Alien Apocalypse C#, Unity, VR-HTC vive David Jalisevs
Dialogue Tale (Dialogue Editor and System with a VR example and Maze Generation) C#, Unity, VR - Oculus Quest 2, XML Dawid Jerdonek
Chat based Controller Sharing Python, Discord, PS4 Controller Sasa Kuzmanovic
AfterDusk (VR Game) C#, Unity, VR - Oculus Quest 2 Adam Mcguigan
Horror Game Procedural Generation and eye tracking C#, Unity, Tobii Pro Nano Eye Tracker Aeden Moylan
Accessibility for disability in video game C#, Unity , Eye Tracker Danial Nor Azman
Hidden Art Python Caroline Percy
Winter Wonder(VR Game) C#, Unity , VR - Htc Vive , Mirror Networking Filip Rusiecki
Agent Based Model of animals in an ecosystem C++, Tensorflow, Sfml Jack Sinnott
SlayerMaker (No Code Game Editor) C++, SFML Seán Whelan
Geo Vale (Farming VR Game with Level Editor) C#, Unity, Oculus Quest 2 Izabela Zelek