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by Theodora Litean-Tataru

Pixel Virtual Assistant start and end product

Pixel Virtual Assistant is a smart speaker integrated into a mirror, based on face recognition. This device is dedicated to people with hearing deficiency and people with low computer skills. The project was focused on research and development using Python3, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi and other compatible hardware.

People targeted by this project, were never the focus of smart speakers providers even their lives would be exponentially improved by such a device.

The Team

def about_the_project():
   """ About the team """
   developer = "Theodora Litean-Tataru"
   email = "tataru.theodora@yahoo.com"
   date = 2020-2021
   institute = "Institute of Technology Carlow"
   course = "Software Development"
   mentor = "Joseph Kehoe"
      "Smart speaker with face recognition for elderlies, people with low computer skills and people with hearing deficiency"
The team

Theodora Litean-Tataru

Joseph Kehoe

  • Website

  • Lecturer at Institute of Technology Carlow


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